The Edwards & Finn Foundation

We proudly and passionately prioritise giving back and effecting meaningful change beyond recruitment. We actively support various partners including charities, local community groups and national organisations, including YMCA, 700 Club, Youth Focus, Morrisons Trust, HOSPA, Stray Aid, A Way Out, Women Wild, Camerados and others. Our foundation helps shelter and provide aid to the homeless and vulnerable women and children, youth development programs, mental health support and enhance connection and within local community initiatives. Join us in our mission to build stronger, healthier communities and leave a legacy that extends far beyond business. Together, let’s enhance, connection, community, and change.

Foundation Manager Supporting Charities and Organisations

OcuMel UK

The Edwards and Finn Foundation supports Ryan’s charity skydive for OcuMel, aiming to raise awareness and support for ocular melanoma research. Donations directly benefit OcuMel’s mission in uniting global experts and supporting affected individuals.

Women Wild

Women Wild is a community of women focused on mindfulness and healing practices to discover inner strength. Edwards and Finn values their emphasis on support and love, contributing to a positive journey towards improved quality of life.

Youth Focus

Edwards & Finn partners with esteemed organizations like YMCA, Morrisons Trust, and Youth Focus North East to empower young people with essential employability skills. Their bespoke workshops cover goal setting, CV writing, and interview preparation.

A Way Out

Edwards and Finn collaborates with “A Way Out,” an outreach charity supporting vulnerable women, young people, and families. Donations support essential resources through the winter and beyond, contributing directly to the charity’s dedicated work.

700 Club

Since 2019, The Edwards and Finn Foundation has supported The 700 Club, aiding the homeless and underprivileged families. Donations contribute directly to their supported organizations, ensuring support for those in need.


Edwards and Finn partners with HOSPA, The Hospitality Professionals Association, to cultivate future leaders in hospitality. They sponsor individuals for all levels of the HOSPA Revenue Management certification, emphasizing their commitment to professional development.

Stray Aid

Stray Aid, established in 2006, cares for stray dogs and unwanted cats, relying on donations for medical care, shelter, and rehoming. Inspired by their visit, Edwards and Finn supports Stray Aid through a JustGiving link, aiding the organization’s mission.


n collaboration with YMCA, Morrisons Trust, and Youth Focus North East, Edwards & Finn conduct workshops to empower young people with employability skills. These workshops cover goal setting, CV writing, and interview preparation. Their success stories highlight the impact of these initiatives. Contact Edwards & Finn for more information or to participate.