Interview Tips for the Hospitality Industry

Preparing for an interview can feel daunting, especially in the fast-paced hospitality industry. At Edwards & Finn, we’ve gathered tried-and-true tips to help candidates get ready for their interviews, ensuring they present themselves as the ideal fit for the role.

Research the Company and Role

Start by thoroughly researching the company and the specific role you’re applying for. Understand the hotel’s brand, market standing, and recent industry impacts. Visit the company’s website, explore their social media updates, and read recent news to grasp their business context.

Customise Your Responses

Align your answers to directly match the job description. If you’re interviewing for a role in Revenue Management, discuss your direct experiences with pricing strategies or revenue optimisation. Highlighting relevant experiences with specific examples can significantly enhance your application.

Prepare for Common Questions

Ready yourself for typical hospitality interview questions such as:

  • Tell us about a time you’ve faced a difficult situation and how did you deal with it?
  • What is your greatest achievement? Explain why. This could be personal or professional.
  • After looking at the job description and researching us as a business, please use at least two examples from your career to date and explain why you believe you are right for this role?

Highlight Your Soft Skills

Soft skills like communication, teamwork, and customer service are vital in hospitality. Share instances where you’ve effectively resolved team conflicts, delivered outstanding customer service, or led a project showcasing your interpersonal skills.

Ask Meaningful Questions

At the interview’s end, when it’s your turn to ask questions, express your genuine interest in the role and the company. Inquire about the team dynamics, challenges in the role, or the company’s future projects. Questions like, “What are the team’s current priorities?” or “What challenges might I face in this role?” show your engagement and interest.


A well-prepared interview can open doors to exciting opportunities in hospitality. By thoroughly preparing, tailoring your responses, practising key questions, demonstrating your interpersonal abilities, and engaging the interviewer with thoughtful queries, you stand out as a well-rounded candidate.

Edwards & Finn are here to support your career ambitions in hospitality, offering guidance to ensure you excel in your interviews. Visit Edwards & Finn’s career page or get in touch with our team for personalised advice and to explore more opportunities. Approach your next career step with confidence and thorough preparation!