Empowering the Next Generation: Our Commitment to Education and Skill Development

Education and Skill Development

At Edwards & Finn, we are dedicated to nurturing young talent, equipping them with essential skills for a successful future.

University Support

Bridging Academia and Industry

Edwards & Finn actively collaborates with top universities, including the University of Glion, University of Essex, and Oxford Brookes, delivering lectures to guide students into the hospitality industry. Highlighting our unique involvement, we presented at an exclusive event with key decision-makers from major hotel groups, emphasising the importance of integrating young talent into the industry.

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Youth Organisation Support

Tailored Workshops for Young Aspirants

Our work extends to national youth organisations like Youth Focus, YMCA, and Morrison’s Trust. We provide workshops tailored to the needs of these young individuals, similar to our university initiatives, focusing on practical skills and employability.

Driven by Personal Experience

Our Journey Inspiring Future Success

Our commitment at Edwards & Finn is deeply personal. Overcoming early challenges, including becoming a father at 17, our founder Thomas Finn’s journey from adversity to leading a top UK recruitment firm fuels our dedication to youth empowerment. We believe in providing every young person, irrespective of their background, with the best chances for success in their chosen careers